Saturday, June 21, 2014

Chip Kidd: Designing books is no laughing matter. OK, it is.

At TED in 2012 gave this wickedly funny and ingenious talk (complete with "skanky mic") about his book jacket design work. Chip Kidd is an author, graphic designer, editor, and speaker who has worked for over 20 years at the publisher Knopf. He is best known for designing the jacket for Jurassic Park, which birthed an empire of movies and merchandise. Chip is an avid comic book fan. He has worked on books and graphic novels for DC comics including many on his beloved Batman. Chip has also authored two novels; The Cheese Monkeys (an academic satire and coming-of-age tale about state college art students), and The Learners (where a young graphic designer lands his first job at a wacky advertising firm).

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